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What is a syndication?

A racehorse syndication is a fantastic way to get involved in racehorse ownership at a fraction of the cost of racing a horse yourself. Each owner purchases a share, and the expenses and prizemoney are paid per the percentage held.

How is the share price calculated?

In addition to the purchase price that we pay at the sales, we add a 10% syndication fee. We include any costs incurred up to a predetermined date that will be factored into the final share price, which will include, but is not limited to, purchase of the horse, transport, breaking in, pre training, vet bills, bonus scheme nominations, race nominations and insurance, plus GST.

Costs vary from horse to horse, but all the costing will be clearly outlined in the relevant horse’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

What are my ongoing costs?

Ongoing costs will vary with each horse depending on the horse and whether it’s in full work or spelling.

On average in Australia, it costs $50,000 a year to train and care for a horse, so you can get a rough idea what your costs will be depending on your share.

After owning racehorses for years and receiving multiple bills from different suppliers for multiple horses, we found it took the fun out of racing.

Calibre Racing Group are all about taking the stress out of ownership and making it as easy and as enjoyable as possible for our owners. We will pay all our suppliers direct and provide you with ONE itemised monthly bill. You will only pay what the trainer or supplier charges.

We charge a $50/month management fee for each 5% share. If 3 or more 5% shares are owned by an individual it will be capped at $100/month.

How is prizemoney paid?

Any prizemoney earned by your horse will be paid directly to you from the principal racing authority, relative to your share owned.

What if my horse has reached a particular level or there is an offer to purchase my horse?

The trainers that train for Calibre Racing Group will be selecting the most appropriate races for your horse to get the maximum possible return. If we find a horse has reached a particular level and may be better suited being placed elsewhere or moved on, we will be passing on all relevant information and giving as much feedback as possible. We are in the game of winning races and returning maximum prizemoney for our owners.

If there are offers to purchase a horse from another party, that information will be passed on and, in some cases, may require a ‘majority’ vote system amongst owners to determine an outcome. 

What happens when my horse retires from racing?

Calibre Racing Group is determined to protect the welfare of our horses. $1000 from every sale will be put aside to assist in the re-homing and re-training of all our horses. So, you can be assured that our beloved horses will be able to enjoy a fantastic life, long after racing.

Will my name be in the race book?

Racing NSW restricts the number of owners named in the race book to 20. So every 5% share or larger will receive full race day privileges. Which includes entry, members and mounting yard access.

Extra tickets for guests can sometimes be attained if we have plenty of notice, subject to availability.

Will I get to name my horse?

All owners will have the chance to submit a name. Then those names will be voted on and tallied on a points system determined by the share held.

How do I know how my horse is going?

At Calibre Racing we pride ourselves on second to none communication. We are in regular contact with our trainers and are committed to provide frequent updates with any relevant information to our owners. This will be in the form of written updates, videos, photos and audio.

Keeping all our clients up to date and as informed as possible, is high on our agenda. We are also extremely contactable and are happy to field any questions or concerns. 

How do Calibre Racing Group select their horses?

We consult our bloodstock experts and trainers and go through the sales catalogue to determine a shortlist of horses we like. We involve our trainers in the selection process as ultimately, we want to select a horse that our trainer wants to train and thinks they can win races with.

Do Calibre Racing Group remain in the ownership?

Calibre Racing Group retains a share in every horse purchased so you can be sure our selection process is about quality not quantity.

Why Calibre Racing Group?

Over the years we have found a distinct gap in the industry where the fun, ease of ownership and enjoyment, has been taken out of racing. We are a breath of fresh air, on what is a new and exciting chapter for horse racing here in Australia. With great prize money on offer everywhere you look, we are not afraid to send our horses to where they can win but will be making a point of targeting the big races around the country!  

Along with the ease of having one easy to read monthly statement and outstanding open lines of communication, we will also be holding regular functions and sports luncheons for our clients to come and enjoy the experience of owning a racehorse with us.


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Calibre Racing Group is an authorised representative (No. 001295464) Stable Connect Limited (AFS License No. 336964)

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